Est 2008
Personal Trainer Christine

Personal Trainer Christine

Certified Health Coach-Personal Trainer
Sports Nutrition Specialist

“If you’re going to make a lifestyle change, you need someone in your life to help motivate you and keep you going.” I am here to help you create the conditions for a long and healthy life. My coaching combines my expertise in fitness, nutrition, and recovery with meaningful goal creation, habit formation, and lifestyle modification.
I want to be your personal coach. I am trained to  help clients establish specific health goals, measure progress, and manage setbacks. I will provide the guidance and resources needed to achieve real lifestyle change.-- --Personal Trainer Christine, Certified Health Coach
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Specializing in Behavior and lifestyle change- Established 2008

Actual Results in only 12 Weeks!!

Fitness, FAITH and Food!

Competition Training

Designed Specifically FOR YOU, Not a Cookie Cutter Plan

Motivation & Support directly from your trainer Christine, NEVER an assistant!

Get the Body of your Dreams & Achieve Your Goals
 From New Competitors to Current Pros ALL ABILITY & EXPERIENCE LEVELS